Jaipan JBKD140 Belly Non-Stick Kadai 14 Red

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Category: Cookware, Kitchen Appliances

Brand: Jaipan


Convenient to Use : A kadai is an essential part of cookware for everyday cooking in the Indian kitchen. The Jaipan non stick kadai is a high-quality piece that can be used on both gas as well as induction cook tops. It is made from sturdy aluminium and has a 3mm thick body with a spiral base. Spiral base on cookware are beneficial as they help distribute the heat evenly, thus helping to cook the food faster and saving time while preparing dishes. This 14" non stick kadai is PFOA-free and ISO 9001 : 2008 certified, which ensures the safety of the food. Stylish and Efficient : The Jaipan non stick kadai comes with a three layer scratch-proof Greblon coating, which will help to retain the look of the kadai in spite of daily usage. This modish kadai has a bright Eco Green base that adds a vibrant edge to your kitchen space. Another great feature about the Jaipan special non stick kadai is that it is metal spoon friendly, so you can use a metal ladle to stir its contents. A non stick kadai will also use lesser oil to cook your food, so it's a great choice for those who are conscious about their calorie intake.