Altos Ashwagandha Capsule 60 Caps

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Category: Body Care, Wellness

Brand: Altos

Tags: Body Care


It is used to reduce levels of fat & sugar in the body. It has the ability to help an individual to better cope up with stress. Also, it helps to boost up brain function.

How To Use
Take 1 capsule Morning, Afternoon & Evening after food or as directed by the physician.


  • Can help to reduce blood sugar levels. • It helps to reduce uric acid level.

  • Helps to reduce cortisol levels. • Can help to reduce stress & anxiety. • It helps in reducing swelling (inflammation). • It helps to lower down the level of cholesterol & triglycerides.

  • It helps to lower downs the depression level. • Helps to boost testosterone and increase fertility in men. • It helps in reducing swelling (inflammation).

  • It helps to increase hemoglobin level. Thus, helpful in treating Anemia. • Its stimulates Thyroid gland to maintain its level. • It helps in treatment of Bronchitis & Asthma.