Arish Hair Plus Premium - Oil Base

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Category: Hair Care

Brand: Arish Bionaturals


100% Natural product with no chemical, preservative and Artificial colour. Arish Hair Plus Premium is the most authentic and effective hair fall repair product.
Arish Hair Plus Premium is patented in India & pharmacological evaluation done by Clinical Research Organization of Jadavpur University.

Indication :
This is highly effective for controlling hair loss and growth of new hair.

Dosage :
Male :
30-40 drops
Female :
40-50 drops

Apply only on the affected area gently massage (1/2 min) and then comb it with Arish wooden comb.
Result may vary for person to person.

Direction for use :
Apply this medicine on the affected area of the scaip and gently massage. After that comb with Arish Bio-Naturais Wooden Comb.