Blue Heaven Cosmetics Cucumber Hair Remover (30 ML)

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Category: Body Care

Brand: Blue Heaven Cosmetics


An efective & practical method to get rid of unwanted hair within minutes without involving the fussy & painful methods of waxing & shaving.      

It Contains Almond Oil, Silicon oil & Aloe Vera that lets the skin smooth, supple & hair free. Pleasantly perfumed with a fresh fragrance that brings a very nice sensation during & after application.

How To Use:
Clean the areas to be treated with water & then dry it carefully. With the aid of the Blue Heaven spatula, spread the cream evenly over the areas & let it work for the time indicated :
Legs: 6-8 Minutes
Underarms: 10-12 Minutes
Very coarse hair: Apply 3 layers 5 minutes apart. Remove all the cream 6 minutes after the last application.