Jaipan 200 Watts Convenient Hand Blender (Yellow & Black)

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Category: Cookware

Brand: Jaipan


Product Description


Bring home your personal genie to help you finish your kitchen chores in the blink of an eye. Jaipan brings you the Jaipan hand blender with stainless steel blades a multipurpose appliance which takes care of chopping, blending, juicing and beating at the simple touch of a button!

Effective Motor

This Electric hand blender has a powerful motor that makes light of any task you entrust to it. From mashing baby food, to whipping up nutritious juices, chopping vegetables, and grinding pastes for curries, this blender can do it all!

Durable Blades

The Jaipan hand blender with stainless steel blades is an electric hand blender has a complete set of strong stainless steel blades which chop your vegetables just the way you want them.

Low Power Consumption

This handy hand mixer is not only effective, but also something you can use on a day to day basis as it consumes very little power. Consuming only 200 W of power, it makes you work easy without overloading your power bills.

Easy to Clean

The smooth plastic body of this hand blender with stainless steel blade is easy-to-clean and maintain.  It comes with a wall bracket which can be fitted to a convenient place in your kitchen for easy handling and well as to keep you kitchen counter and cabinet clutter- free.  The blades are smooth and easy to clean and dry. The strong white plastic body can easily be wiped off to keep it sparkling clean.  

Sturdy and Stable

The contoured shape of the Jaipan hand blender with stainless steel blades provides a firm grip as you work. The shape makes it stable when you set it on your kitchen counter as you work.

Rust-Proof Plastic Body

The body of this blender is made of strong food grade plastic. Firm and durable, the body is a perfect casing for its strong motor and its efficient blades. The non-reactive material is suitable for citrus juices too!

Other Important Features

The Jaipan hand blender with stainless steel blades is a versatile appliance which will help you out in many little ways in the kitchen. It has a two speed option which makes it perfect for a range of functions in the kitchen. Chop your vegetable just the way you like them, mash your baby’s meal, or make juice for breakfast in a jiffy, without any stress! This handy blender helps you do it all!

Important Information

1 Year Manufacturing Warranty