Jaipan JCB-001 Shock-Proof Housing 250W Hand Beauty Blender (Red & Black)

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Category: Cookware

Brand: Jaipan


Product Description

Product benefits the red & black beauty design is exclusive design of jaipan; not available anywhere in the market. Can be used with any suitable vessel anywhere in your kitchen. Even in the sauce pan in which the food is cooking. Handy and portable: you take the jaipan blender to the saucepan, not the heavy saucepan to the jaipan blender.

Jaipan blender lies comfortable in the hands, is easy to hold and feather-light. Simple to use. No pouring from pan to mixing vessel. No food spoiled by unnecessary delays;just hold it in the dish and turn the switch on! Easy to clean: just hold it under the tap. No extra washing up, since you can normally mix in the same dishes in which the meal is served. Elegant design. The modern design newly styled immediately attracts attention.

The mincer blade: the mincer blade chops, minces, mashes vegetables, baby food, etc.

The beater blade: the beater blade aerates, emulsifies and beats liquids, cream, mousses, cake batters etc.

The whisk blade: the whisk blade stirs, whisks, mixes all liquids, etc.

Jaipan blender- mixes: liquids and beverages, cocktails, milk shakes, fruit juice, yogurts, iced drinks and many others. Whips: creams, butter etc. Strains: soups and sauces. Blends: creams, mixtures of powders, granules, liquids etc. Stirs dough's for cakes shreds & purees: vegetables, potatoes, soups, fruits and many more; cooked or raw to any desired consistency. Light weight and portable. 1 Year warranty.

Other Features : Healthy food made easily For perfect soups, purees and shakes The vola hand blender with its powerful 250 watt motor helps you prepare perfect soups, purees and shakes easily. - Powerful 250 watt motor - 2 Speed operation - Shock-proof housing - Modern metallic look - Easy to operate - Energy saving

Important Information

12 Months Manufacturing Warranty