Jeesa Gupta Haldi Chandan Pack 50gm

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Category: Face

Brand: Jeesa Gupta


Indication :

Tan Control


Direction for use :

Make a paste with water. Can be applied on face, neck, hands, body and on skin as required. Leave it till it dry & with wet palms remove it gently and wash face with soap and water. Can scrub very gently. For external use only.


Dosage :

Use 1-3 times a week or as directed by the physician. (Keep 2 days break between the uses)

  1. An ayurvedic skin pack made from pure powdered herbs for TAN CONTROL prepared with natural ingredients like Haldi, Chandan and many other natural ingredients. It Inspired by the Traditional Indian Knowledge of Ayurveda. Proportion and combination is the key along with high quality of ingredients and process that helps deliver great results within few usages. It contains various herbs, spices, fruits, dry-fruits, other food ingredients and many natural ingredients that makes it very safe and with no side effects. Affordable pure and natural ayurvedic solution and a little quantity is required.