Jeesa Gupta Neem Fresh Skin Toner For Oily And Sensetive Skin 100 ML

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Category: Face

Brand: Jeesa Gupta


Traditional indian Remedies Packed with Care. Right ratio and combinationof natural ingredients produced throughappropriate process and high quality ingredients helps us to deliver excelience in tems of quality results and safety
Inducation: good for oily, pimple prone and sensitive skin. It is enriched with goodness of neem and other natural ingredients that helps to keep skin clean and balanced.
Usage: Take quantity as much required to wash skin 2-3 times daliy.
Precation:Not recommended for people with eczema,psoriasis,open bleeding wounds, skin allergies other dermatological diseases.
Storage: Close the cap property after every use. Keep away from sunlight and Moisture. Store in room temperrature.