Keya Seth Alopex Penta

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Keya Seth Alopex Penta
Five times more potent in comparison to normal Alopex, this solution is completely water-based. Prepared from an invaluable mixture of various essential oils, rare peptides, amino acids and vitamins, this non-oily, non-sticky solution strengthens hair from the roots, stops hair fall and helps in the growth of new hair. Those who are fast balding or have already turned bald due to excessive hair fall, can find it to be a permanent solution to their problem and fling away all anxiety.
How to Use
In accordance with the problem lightly massage the scalp with any one Alopex (Alopex, Alopex Tristar, Alopex Penta) once every night. Ensure that the oil is used at the root of hair. Use of Root Active Hair Vitalizer once every day is also suggested. To keep the scalp free of dust, use Shine and Silk Shampoo twice every week.