Keya Seth Aromatic Spa Conditioning Hair Serum

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Aromatic Spa Conditioning Hair Serum 40ml

Protect hair from damage due to the every day menace of smoke,dust and exposure to environmental pollution. It contains various essential oils, e.g, lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedar wood and geranium. It has the power to restore dry, rought, lack-lustre and damaged hair or hair damaged and made lifeless due to perming, colouring or artificial straightening over a long period of time. Regular use of the serum brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair making it silky smooth.

How to Use

Depending on the length of the hair, this serum is to be applied on dry hair every day. Instantly your hair will have a beautiful shine. This serum can be used by those who cannot regularly wet their hair.