Keya Seth Stopage -Age Reversal Complex

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Category: Face

Brand: Keya Seth Aromatherapy


Skin is not unlike the other parts of human body. Thus skin too ages like the other parts of our body. We cannot prevent skin from ageing chronologically but pre-mature ageing of skin can be checked and the signs of ageing can be kept at bay through regular standardized care.

THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, THE REASONS BEHIND THE AGEING OF THE SKIN ARE - Free radicals, DNA degeneration and regeneration, cellular clock, chronological age clock, glycation and its brackets and continuous production of heat and energy by mitochondria. The ingredients of 'STOPAGE' fights the causes of pre-mature ageing in a natural and scientific way and helps to regenerate skin by nourishing it naturally. It makes skin soft, healthy, beautiful -wiping out the traces of ageing.