Keya Seth Umbrella Protex ( SPF 75 )

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Category: Face

Brand: Keya Seth Aromatherapy


We all know that applying sunscreens is a must when one is outdoors, but what about when one is indoors? Everyone needs to apply sunscreens even if they are indoors specially while cooking. Because scattered sunlight, artificial lights contain some amount of radiation. While cooking, flames from the cooking gas give off heat and light, which is injurious to skin. Protex is an extraordinary sunscreen with SPF 75, provides complete protection from sunburn and tanning caused by UVA & UVB & gives a super cool effect. It guards skin from adverse effect of sunray & cooking heat. It has sweat resistant formula which lock moisture in your skin & work excellently on pigmentation. It contains carrot seed, raspberry, wheat germ, lavender essential oil & silica, mica which create a protective layer on skin and stop thermal damage.


Apply Protex umbrella sunscreen in the morning before going out in the sun or entering in your Kitchen