Oshea Herbals Rosefresh Skin Toner - 120 ml

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Category: Face

Brand: Oshea Herbals


An unique blend of Rose petal and other plant extracts that nourishes, hydrates & maintains the natural pH balance of the skin leaving it ,fresh & clean. It also removes dirt & cleanses the skin, provides glowing, smooth complexion and reveal fresher skin. The combination of natural ingredients, this formulation reduces Oil production, cures Pimples, fight bacteria and Fungi, detoxifies the skin.


Tea Tree and Tulsi Leaves-Natural astringent & antiseptic. Neem Extracts: An universal anti-septic and anti-microbial, helps in curing acne. Mulathi Extracts- Suppresses production of melanin which causes skin darkening.


After cleansing your face with the appropriate Oshea Herbals facewash, spray the toner twice on a wet cotton and dab it on your face.Can be used as cleanser to remove superficial impurities. SUITABLE - NORMAL SKIN, Size-120ML