Prestige Nakshatra Alpha SS Pressure Cooker 5 Litre

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Brand: Prestige


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The all new Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Stainless Steel pressure cooker - Designed and engineered to last longer, this stunning pressure cooker comes with loads of features that include a heavy duty alpha base suitable for induction cooking as well as traditional cooking. With unbeatable safety features and stylish looks, Prestige Nakshatra Alpha Stainless Steel pressure cooker adds to the asthetics of your kitchen

Alpha Base

Prestige Nakshatra Alpha base is steel aluminum steel sandwich base covers entire pressure cooker bottom. Alpha base is energy saving and 30% Faster cooking over regular i base.Suitable for Induction and gas cooking, this versatile cooker provides you maximum utility.


It is an inner lid pressure cooker made from high quality Stainless Steel which is heavier in weight, heats fast and long lasting. The inner lid feature is suitable for direct vessel cooking.

Precision Weight Valve

It is the first level of safety feature to release pressure above 1kg/cm2, which makes the cooking safe and time saving for you. It is made up Stainless steel on it for durability.

Metallic Safety Plug

It is a level of safety feature top fitted to the lid, to release exceess pressure.

Double Screw Durable Handle

The body and auxiliary handle both are fitted with 2 screws instead of single screw, making it durable and comfortable to use.

 Type of Lid Inner Lid
Capacity 5 Litre
Base Alpha Base Induction Bottom
Color Stainless Steel
Shape Straight
Amount of Rice cooked 500 grams
Body Material Stainless Steel