Rangoli Ayurved Roop Sagar Mecheda Special Cream

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Category: Body Care, Personal Care

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Pigmentation also known as freckles is one of the most prevalent skin disorders in today’s life. According to our surveys, present day circumstances are so bad that even boys and girls under the age of 20 are starting to see their first signs of pigmentation on their skin – especially the face. Rangoli Ayurved has thus; designed Rangoli Roop Sagar Mecheda Cream which helps removes blemishes and freckles. This Pigmentation Cream is an amalgamation of rare herbs that works best on hard pimples and rashes, cut spots, pox spots, pimple spots etc and also helps in enhancing the complexion of the skin. It also has Ayurvedic Sun and UV protection, hence no need to use an extra sunscreen.
Size: 40 g
Apply: 3 Times Daily