The Soumi's Can Product Faire 15 - Sunscreen Lotion

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Category: Face

Brand: The Soumi's Can Product


It PROTECTS the SKIN and prevents DAMAGE from the harmful UV RAYS. It AVOIDS sunburn suppresses TANNING and also helps to REDUCE blemishes. Can Faire 15 shields the skin and keeps harm from the unsafe UV rays. It shields the skin from sunburn, smothers tanning furthermore serves to decrease imperfections. The lightweight equation bit by bit helps your skin tone and makes your composition brighter. The wide range security you get averts tan while you venture into the sun and keeps your skin glowing and fresh.

Volume :
100 ml

Direction for use :
Apply lotion liberally and evenly on the exposed parts of the body, before exposure to sun. Avoid contact with eyes.

Indication :
It protects the skin and prevents damage from the harmful UV rays. It avoids sunburn, suppresses tanning and also helps to reduce blemishes.