USHA Magnolia (Rinnai)

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Category: Cookware, Kitchen Appliances

Brand: USHA


  • Two brass burners with big, sturdy body gives conventional, retro appearance
  • One built in simmer burner specially designed to effect minimum utilization of gas
  • Toughened glass top & front glass panel
  • Piezo automatic ignition technology (no battery required)
  • Single stainless steel sheet for corrosion resistance & more sturdy body
  • Equi - dimensional enamel coated pan support
  • Stainless steel gas connecting tube & mixing valve reduces oxidation, for longer jet life, burners never get clogged, resulting in less periodical cleaning
  • High energy efficient burners (CO2 emission is the least, environment friendly), 20% faster cooking
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 708 mm x 185 mm x 480 mm