Blue Heaven Cosmetics Face Glow Natural 50 ML

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Category: Face

Brand: Blue Heaven Cosmetics



This super-effective face glowing cream from BLUE HEAVEN is a wonderful choice for repair and rejuvenating the skin. It gives the face daily salon boost by making it soft and radiant.You can keep your skin moisturized, smooth and even by its rich formula.Water proof cream gives you a flawless glowing look by lightening your skin tone significantly and hiding all your imperfections. 

Water, pigments, glyceryl mono stearate, propylene glycol,isopropyl myristate , mineral oil , stearic acid, magnesium aluminium silicate, phenoxy ethanol + methyl parapen + butyl paraben + ethyl paraben + propyl paraben + isobutyl paraben, triethanol amine, sod. Carboxy methyl cellulose, cetyl alcohol, edta di- sodium ,sodium lauryl sulphate and perfume