Blue Heaven Cosmetics Signature Mascara - 10 ML

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Category: Eyes

Brand: Blue Heaven Cosmetics


Blue Heaven Now Introducing Signature Mascara to provide you glamour, excitement & innovation through Quality products with Unique Packing to define your eye lashes in a very unique style which you never did before.

You Can Darken, Thicken, Lengthen & Define Your Eye Lashes Very Creatively.


  • Water Resistant
  • Easy To Apply
  • Specially designed brush has a long handle for perfect grip and to allow controlled application.
  • Extra Black
  • Long Stay Formula

Tip To Apply:

With a steady hand, place the mascara wand at the root of your eyelashes. Gently Pull the wand up to the end of your lashes, slightly jarring the wand back & forth to separate the lashes & to prevent clumps. Repeat across your eyelashes, Making sure to get every lash perfectly curated.