Jovees Herbals Anti Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial Value Kit

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Category: Face

Brand: Jovees Herbals


This Anti-Pigmentation and Blemishes Kit is carefully designed and scientifically developed using precious herbs and botanicals to help mitigate and remove pigmentation, blemishes and clarify skin. It shall also help to prevent the appearance of skin discoloration, leaving skin fresh and even toned.

Each product in the kit has been scientifically produced that helps to maintain the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients used in the processes thus giving optimum results. The Method of Use and Active Ingredients for each individual product is mentioned on the packaging. The kit contains the following six products:

  • Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser
  • Oat Veg Peel
  • Wheatgerm with Vitamin-E Face Massage Cream
  • Witch Hazel and Basil Skin Toning Gel
  • Nutmeg and Rosemary Anti Pigmentation Blemish Face Mask
  • Essence of Saffron Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream