Keya Seth Umbrella Sunscreen Solution SPF 25

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Category: Face

Brand: Keya Seth Aromatherapy


Keya Seth Umbrella Sunscreen Solution SPF 25 100ml

It consists of wheat germ, carrot seed, chamomile, cedar wood, lavender and sandal oil in aqua base. It is a water-based UV guard that protects skin from the harmful effects of the ultra-violet rays of the sun. It also protects skin from sunburn, sun allergy, dust allergy and excessive oil secretion. The SPF 25 content in this Sunscreen, that contains wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil and sandalwood oil, makes skin bright and beautiful.

How to Use

Apply lightly on face, neck and other exposed areas of the body, especially 15 minutes before going out in the sun during the day and cooking, which exposes skin to the heat of fire.