Rangoli Ayurved Face Moisturizer

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Category: Body Care, Personal Care

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Rangoli Face Moisturizer is the first low-sweat face moisturizer cream in India that keeps skin soft and glowing for 12-hours (In the driest of atmospheres including Air Conditioned Rooms). It is formulated as a unique Ayurvedic sun protection formula which not only protects you from the harmful rays of the sun but also from heat in kitchen. It is specially developed for Sensitive and Normal Skin. Normal face moisturizers make you sweat more, thus the applied makeup gets distorted, but Rangoli Face Moisturizer acts as a supporting agent for your make-up due to its low-sweat properties. Hence, it can be used as a pre-makeup base. It also aids in makeup removal along with Rangoli Herbal Face wash.
Size: 40 g
Apply: 2 Times Daily