Rangoli Ayurved Herbal Karishma Premium Shampoo Strong 60gms

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Category: Body Care, Personal Care

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The Rangoli Herbal Karishma Cream Shampoo works in iron, chlorine and hard water. It is a cream based shampoo which is solid in nature and is formulated to give 99.9% care and protection to your hair. This shampoo prevents hair fall from the first application and also helps in curing dry and oily dandruff and fungal infection in the roots on regular use, prevents hair split. This shampoo also aids in hair re-growth and is a 2-in-1 product which suffices your need for conditioner as well. The Herbal Karishma Cream Shampoo assures healthy and beautiful hair forever.
Size: 60 g
Apply: Alternate Days / Daily