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LADYCARE JUICE : Ashwagandha, shatawari, noni, amla, aloevera, class II preservatives, acidity regulators, all these world famous important herbs make this product a boon for the females.

* Helps in problems like improper menstruation, leukorrhoea(white discharge) etc.
* Helps in normal weakness, restlessness, indigestion problems
. * Helps to tone the skin & build strong body internally.
* Helps in improving anemic condition, keeps physically & mentally strong.

Precautions : Avoid during pregnancy & menses.

Dosage : This is very important. Half hour before meal / 2 hours after meal.
Take 5 ml twice daily in 150 ml water for first 3 days.
Next 3 days take 10 ml daily in 250 to 300 ml water. From 7 th day take 15 – 30 ml twice daily in water as per need.
Most important – Do not take tea, coffee, soda, alcohol or food minimum half an hour after taking Ladycare juice as these cancels the effectiveness of this wonderful product.