Flora’s Pearl Whitening kit

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Category: Face

Brand: Flora's


The use of pearls as a natural whitener, rich in nutrients, has been established as an ancient beauty aid. Pearls reduce the transfer of melanin to the skin,preventing tanning, while fading away dark [atches and spots. They also filter the ultra-violet rays, ensuring a natural even lightening of the skin. Enriched with minerals, amino acids and proteins, the peral is potent with powerful age-control nutrients that naisturize the skin keeps it flawless and youthful.

Method of use :  a) PEARL CREAM > Apply sparingly all over face, neck and hand. Leave on. It can be used alone or under make-up.

b) PEARL PACK > apply on face and neck, avodingn the eyes. let it dry. Wash off, preferably with plane water.