Jeesa Gupta Cleansing Milk

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Category: Face

Brand: Jeesa Gupta


A combination of skin care herbs like trapusa, rose and many more helps to deliver a deep cleansing of skin at ease. Easy to use and it is a quick fix daily cleansing solution of skin. This is an ayurveda formula that just not cleans skin but also a skin care formulation for bright, glowing, beautiful skin. It has a mild fragrance to delight you.
Indication: Skin cleansing. Cleansing of face, neck, hands, legs, foot and skin
Direction for use : Take some as per area of application like face , neck, hands, legs, foot,  body in a cotton and dab on skin. Leave it for 30 secs and then gently wipe it out with the cotton. It leaves your skin clean, glowing, bright and fragrant. Do not apply on lips, eyes, inside nostrils or inside ears and it is only for external use.
Precaution: Do not use over open wounds, cuts, broken bleeding skin, psoriasis, skin allergies
Storage : Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight.