Jeesa Gupta Papaya Apricot Skin Repair Scrubbing 100gm

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Category: Body Care, Face

Brand: Jeesa Gupta


PAPAYA ARICOT – Skin Repair Scrubbing for Face and Body (Soft No Mark Solution)

Soft No Mark Solution – PAPAYA APRICOT Skin Repair SCRUBBING: A unique combination of ayurveda inspired solution with scrubbing and deep pore cleansing capability and also enhancing beauty of skin. It is quick fix ready to use weekly or instant skin care most suitable for busy-bees who have few minutes to add-on more glamour to their regularly maintained skin. It contains natural and herbal ingredients like Walnut, Jastimadhu, Raktachandan and many more. Inspired by the Traditional Indian wisdom of ayurveda and produced combining modern and prescribed age-old ayurvedic procedures to retain the goodness of the herbs. The products are safe, result oriented and easy to use. For external use only.

Indication :
Scrubbing, deep pore cleaning enhances beauty of skin, exfoliating dead cells, dark patches and lightening, glowing & shining, brighter skin maintenance. Recommended for people with DRY SKIN. Not for oily skin.

Direction for use :

Wet the face with water. Apply the ready to use scrub directly in little quantity over face and body as required. Leave it for 1-3 mins. Remove with wet palms, gently scrub. May wash with soap and water.

Dosage :
Use 1 - 2 times a week. Keep 3 days gap between usages.
Storage :
Store in room temperature, away from sunlight and moisture. Close the lid well after each use.