Jeesa Gupta Hair Pack 50gm

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Category: Hair Care

Brand: Jeesa Gupta


JEESA GUPTA HAIR PACK: An ayurvedic combination of powdered herbs and natural ingredients god for hair is combined in a proportion that can deliver great results in terms of Hair Strength and hair health.  It is inspired by the traditional Indian knowledge of ayurveda. JEESA GUPTA Nourish and Care Hair Oil is must use for hair fall control, so use both the oil and hair pack. It is fully safe, effective and easy to use mixed with water or boiled milk. It is affordable as only a thin layer of required quantity as per length and volume of hair is enough to show results.  Shampooing is must after using hair pack.

Indication :

Strengthening hair

Direction for use :

Make a light (not thick) paste with water or milk. Apply all over scalp. Use Jeesa Gupta Hair oil 30 minutes – 2 hours before applying the hair pack. Leave it for 30 minutes and remove with water and then shampooing is must. For external use only.

Dosage :

Use 1-3 times a month or as directed by the physician. (Keep a 7-10 days break between the uses)